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  1. Hi there

    My name is Gabriella Pereir and I am a Journalism Student at UCA in Epsom. Some of my classmates and I are making a 3 minute mini feature documentary on Gender-neutral parenting for our broadcasting unit.
    I am emailing you to ask whether you or/and your partner would be interested in helping us by being interviewed for this documentary? Whether it be in person, or on Skype? We are really interested in this topic hence why we want to put together a documentary of it. If you could be of any help it would be absolutely hugely appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    Gabriella Pereir

    • Yes, we’d be happy to do that if we can find a good time – it’s refreshing to both be asked instead of it all focusing on me! We’re near Cambridge so Skype will work. Bit busy for the next three weeks, though, so let me know how soon you were thinking of doing it.

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