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  1. Hi there

    My name is Gabriella Pereir and I am a Journalism Student at UCA in Epsom. Some of my classmates and I are making a 3 minute mini feature documentary on Gender-neutral parenting for our broadcasting unit.
    I am emailing you to ask whether you or/and your partner would be interested in helping us by being interviewed for this documentary? Whether it be in person, or on Skype? We are really interested in this topic hence why we want to put together a documentary of it. If you could be of any help it would be absolutely hugely appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    Gabriella Pereir

    • Yes, we’d be happy to do that if we can find a good time – it’s refreshing to both be asked instead of it all focusing on me! We’re near Cambridge so Skype will work. Bit busy for the next three weeks, though, so let me know how soon you were thinking of doing it.

  2. Saw you on BBC today battling your corner. Sadly the gender non-neutral society struggles with modern understanding of gender and identity and did not even appear to see the link between clothing and gender aspirations. Well done anyway and just wanted to say keep it up the good work. I bet society would be in uproar if we said everyone with ginger hair who was less than 5ft tall should wear certain clothes and only shop in particularly sections of a store ! Keep to the good fight. It took centuries to get rights for slaves and some women .. still a long way to go for all including people who happen to be labelled male or female at birth.

    • Thank you so much, Graham! I’ve turned into a bit of a rent-a-feminist )popular with BBC Radio Scotland, for some reason), but anything to get that point of view heard!

  3. Hello,

    My wife and I just saw you on the BBC news talking about gender-neutral parenting. We just wanted to let you know that we agree with everything you said. It is so nice to hear someone talk so eloquently about this important issue.

    Keep up the excellent work

    • Thank you so much for that accolade – much appreciated! Television and radio do get easier the more you do and the less intimidated you are by it all, I’ve found…

  4. Apologies for late replies to some comments, by the way – the site got swamped in spam for a while, and I forgot to keep an eye on it. Tut.

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